xGrab 1.0.3

Make simple screencasts

xGrab lets you quickly record all activity on your screen in seconds. View full description


  • Simple and quick
  • Good selection of codecs
  • Six different quality levels


  • Limited capture settings
  • Only two output resolutions


xGrab lets you quickly record all activity on your screen in seconds.

This simple little application monitors all your screen actions and automatically compresses your movie thanks to double buffering. It's perfect if you just want to quickly record what's going on on your desktop, like playing back how an error occurs or doing a quick screencast. Recordings are smooth and of good quality.

The settings are a little limited but still let you configure a number of things. The application only offers two ouput resolutions: full screen and fixed. However for the second choice you'll be able to adjust height and width yourself. We were also positively surprised by the wide selection of codecs you can choose from. You'll also be able to set frame rate and select from six different quality levels.

Although its settings are somewhat limited, xGRab is a good application to record your screen in a snap. It also offers a good range of codecs.

xGrab records your screen actions into a movie. It compresses the movie as it goes so there's need to post-process the captured frames. This means that as soon as you stop recording, your movie is ready to play.

xGrab captures your entire screen. That's it. No bells no whistles. But its list of features will expand over time. Later in the development cycle, you'll be able to select a capture region, crop or scale the captured video to a smaller size, just like most other thrice as expensive capture applications.

OpenGL® Hardware Accelerated

Features DMA transfers for blazing speed

Double Buffering

While one frame is transfered the previous is prepared for compression.

Multithreaded Compression

Several simultaneous frame compression threads.

Uses QuickTime

Wide variety of QuickTime® codecs.



xGrab 1.0.3